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Launch your own direct-to-consumer telehealth
brand today with Locke Bio

The old pharmaceutical supply chain is evolving.

Get a head start for your telehealth brand today.

Go to market with your branded telehealth solution at a fraction of the cost and time.

  Increase your market share.

  Sell directly and fulfill prescription medication to patients across the United States and Canada.

  Control your branded experience.

  Connect directly with your patients through synchronous and asynchronous telehealth options.

Avoid spending millions of dollars and 12+ months to launch your own DTC solution

Avoid building intake forms, patient dashboards, and telehealth softwares from scratch. 

Don’t do redundant legal work to navigate the telehealth compliance landscape. 


Don’t waste time negotiating with supply chain partners in a opaque industry. 

Beware of e-commerce merchant providers who have inconsistent user terms for telehealth services. 

Skip the complexities of developing your own software and meeting strict health data compliance.


Our platform provides all the telehealth, ecommerce and pharmacy fulfillment features you need to drive adoption.

Get to know your patients

  Start selling to your patients from day 1.

  Get real-time reports on your transactions.

  Understand your patient’s needs.

  Own the lifetime value of your patients. 

  Market, upsell and cross sell to enhance your brand.

Access next gen supply chain expertise with industry grade patient safety

Tap into our vast network of licensed pharmacies and distribution channels across all 50 states in the United States and all 10 provinces in Canada. 

Start dispensing medication to your patient’s door quickly and safely.

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